Games by Request

I push buttons, and sometimes I make VR games. Check out the games I've worked on:

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Vegas Infinite Cover Art
Vegas Infinite

This is what I work on at my day job! I mainly work on prototyping and development for the PC NonVR client, aiming to make a fun and engaging game that's functionality comparable to the VR version of the game.

Disco Queen Dancing Fever Cover Art
Disco Queen: Disco FeVR

Lace up those Vive Trackers and get ready to dance in this funky DDR-inspired VR game! You can also load in your own songs and tracks to dance to your own jams~

Curse of the Pinyaata Cover Art
Curse of the Pinyaata

Put on a blindfold, and use echolocation to play Hit the Pinyaata with a talking cat piƱata! Break as much stuff as you can in 2 minutes!

Robo PhotographVR Cover Art
Robo PhotographVR

You're a robot let loose with a camera in a lovely Autumn park. What will you choose to capture in film? A tech demo exploring full body playable characters, and photo mode options.

Shattered Skies Cover Art
Shattered Skies

Use a huge greatsword to slash your way through a deserted riverside village, in pursuit of a mysterious masked man. He has frozen the sky over, and now it's falling down in shards!

Timber Rhythm Cover Art
Timber Rhythm

A retro-inspired music sandbox. Jam out, and the Loop Machine will play it back to you~

The Tall Wall Falls: The Inner Gate's Last Stand

A fast paced, physics-based, Attack on Titan inspired game. Swing around via your sword's grapple hooks, and take down towering enemies!

Vampire Shark Attack Cover Art
Vampire Shark Attack!!!

A stealthy game, where you have to swim through dangerous vampire-shark-infested waters. Very spooky~

A VR Game About Magic, and Ducks in Cosplay

Draw sigils and cast spells in VR to help some cosplaying ducks have a summer festival!

A VR Game about Ducks in Capitalism Cover Art
A VR Game About Ducks in Capitalism

Serve coffee to ducks, and listen to their issues with capitalism

Doom Cat Cover Art
Doom Cat

Play as a cat in a shopping cart and fight demons, in this fast-paced third-person shooter on wheels! Blast a demon in its stupid face, then kickflip and drift away in style~

Blasty Boy Cover Art
Blasty Boy

Grapple and shoot using your arm mounted blaster! Grab onto environment to pull yourself towards it, or grab onto an enemy to pull them around! It really makes you *feel* like Samus Metroid